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Tractor trailer accidents are often devastating traffic accidents. Government statistics report that 18 wheeler trucks are involved in an average of 150,000 fatal and non-fatal crashes each year throughout the Unitied States.
The Kansas truck accident lawyers of the Brave Law Firm, LLC are experienced in representing injury victims caused by:

  1. Drunk Driving
  2. Faulty Inspection, Maintenance and Repair
  3. Speeding and reckless driving
  4. Truck Driver Fatigue
  5. Shifting and Falling Cargo

The Kansas 18 wheeler accident attorneys at the Brave Law Firm, LLC are experienced with federal and state laws that regulate the trucking industry. If you or a loved one has been involved in a tractor trailer accident, prompt investigation is essential to building a strong case.

It is imperative that you engage the Brave Law Firm, LLC to discuss your case as quickly as possible to secure evidence while it is still fresh. The truck’s black box, driver’s logs, alcohol and drug testing and eyewitness accounts are vital to your case.

Here is a partial list of recoveries The Brave Law Firm, LLC has obtained for accident victims since 2007:

  • $1,230,000 – Recovery obtained for a passenger in a vehicle who was injured when another vehicle failed to yield the right of way and pulled in front of his oncoming car;
  • $870,000 – Recovery obtained for a man who was injured when another vehicle attempted to make a left turn without looking and pulled directly into the path of the oncoming car;
  • $550,000 – Recovery for the widow of a man who was killed by the negligence of another driver that ran a stop sign and caused a fatal collision;
  • $255,000 – Recovery obtained for a woman who was injured when a piece of equipment fell off of a semi-tractor trailer and struck her vehicle, causing her to undergo surgery;
  • $200,000 – Recovery obtained for a man who was injured in an automobile accident caused by a speeding driver.

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